Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Femininity: Godly Resources For Your Young Men.

I wanted to follow up on yesterday's post with some excellent resources we use in our home to help train our children in masculinity and femininity. It can be so helpful to actually have books or CD's in hand that help reinforce what you are trying to teach to your children. We read a lot to our children and as they get older I'm trying to find books that will help them grow up to be godly men and women.

Today I will share good resources for boys, and tomorrow I will share resources for girls.

Our Favorite Resources For Boys

Our oldest son was given this for his one year old birthday, and we have read it many times to both of our boys! It's a sweet simple book that instills good character, showing wonderful pictures of an active little boy busy at work and play. 

I read this book out loud to my boys last year, and plan on doing it again many times over! They could relate to the book easily as the author is a carpenter, and my husband used to own a cabinet shop. The stories are excellent, and while it is written for boys older than seven and five, I was able to edit any parts of the book that were too long or over their heads just fine.  It is so important that our boys learn to work hard, and that they will have to provide for a family! 

This is another book written by Bob Schultz. I haven't read it out loud to my boys yet as it is written for older boys, but I read it myself and it is a great resource for older boys. 

I actually read this a few times growing up as it has good nuggets of truth for young men and women alike! It is written especially for young men though, and I would highly suggest every boy turning into a young man reads this book! It is a small book, but contains many truths. 

These are excellent stories written for boys that teach them about hard work, staying away from strong drinks and smoking, taking care of their mother, sisters, and the elderly, and much more! Written in the 1800's they still contain many truths for today. 

Another book that teaches boys to be virtuous and honorable. It was originally published in the late 1800's by the American Tract Society. 

I'm currently reading this out loud to my boys and it is excellent! It is a supplement to a much bigger book for young men written by the same author, but since my boys are younger this is just the right age level for them. They like the stories in this book a lot. 

Vision Forum has a whole section of their catalog devoted to boys! You will find many toys, books, and other resources that will assist you in raising a manly man! 


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At October 27, 2011 at 2:46 PM , Blogger Tiffany said...

Oh, thank you for sharing these! We have devotions with our Little Guy every evening and I've been thinking about getting some sort of children's devotional... But I think that first book would be perfect!

At October 27, 2011 at 3:29 PM , Blogger leah leah said...

Thank you for sharing! I have three boys that are quickly growing into young men... then men. I really appreciate this.


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