Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Sale=Great Sale at Vision Forum!

Hurray! Another super great sale at Vision Forum! I'm going to highlight some of the best deals, but you will want to go take a look. This sale looks like a great one.

My all time favorite homemaking book, is on sale for $10.80! If you only read one book concerning the skills of running a home, this is the book you should read!

I have yet to read this book, but just borrowed it from our church library. I appreciate all the blog posts I have read by Jasmine Baucham. This is 80% today only, which makes it only $3.60!

My husband and sons love listening to these history Cd's. Bill Potter makes history come alive, and keeps even the young children fascinated with the stories. This is 55% off, making it $11.25.

All of the Homestead Blessing DVDs are 50% making them $8.50 each! We love watching these, and I have referred to them several times before making something.

I have not listened to every talk from this conference, but I really enjoyed the talks directed to the ladies. The practical ideas presented were encouraging, and it was refreshing to hear what other large families go through, and that they all have struggles running their homes and are not perfect either. This is 55% off right now, making it $29.95.

I don't advocate all of the Jonathan Park Cd's, as I don't like how the children talk in the adventure ones. They have come out with three sets that focus on learning about different animals which are excellent. My 7 and 5 year old sons love to listen to these, and amaze me over the facts they are learning. I highly recommend these for homeschooling families! These are on sale for $12.50 each.

I just found out if you use the coupon code FREETEA when checking out, that you get a copy of "Tea with Michelle Duggar" DVD for free! That's a great deal!

There is much, much more on sale, 25 pages worth! So go take some time to browse through the sale, it will bless your family so much!

(Please note that I am an affiliate of Vision Forum, and do earn a small percentage off of each sale. I would not recommend a product that I do not use for my own family. Thanks!).

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