Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thy List To Be Done Today

Become As A Little Child.....

I need this list today, and everyday! I used to keep this on my desk at work and it was a blessed reminder of my daily desire to walk with Christ. It's so easy to get busy, discouraged, overwhelmed, and unhappy with the life we are living. I find each time that happens it's because I am not taking the time to have my personal devotions, not keeping my heart set on the eternal focus of life, or getting discouraged by the short comings of other's lives, and my life, instead of looking at Jesus and the Life He Lived. Today I am encouraged by the godly example of my Grandma Dorothy, my mother, and those about who I see faithfully enduring to the end with their faith and charity. Who encourages you? Why do they encourage you? I pray that I will be someone who draws people to the Lord and not one who causes their hearts to be heavy. Blessings to your day! From Jennifer Allen

Thy List To Be Done Today:

Abide in Christ

Walk within thy house with a perfect heart

Have the law of kindness on thy tongue

Fret not

Be anxious for nothing

Love God with all thine heart

Put others first

Harbor no unforgiveness

Pity not thyself

Resist Satan

Rejoice evermore

Pray without ceasing

Forsake wrath

Love mercy

Yield not to temptation



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