Thursday, April 29, 2010

Organizing Junkie's Laundry System

Okay, I will confess. I don't mind doing laundry. Even the folding part. Really. However, I don't have a mountain of laundry 24/7 like some of you ladies do. I've seen your mountains and if I had that particular pile of laundry I just might start disliking my laundry. Fast. Real fast. I ran across this post from I'm An Organizing Junkie and was amazed. Think of the possibilities of doing laundry this way! No more sorting. Hmm, sounds like a saving grace for some of you. I will have to get brave and try doing my laundry this way and see what happens. Old habits die hard. I might stand there in front of the washer and peer in looking for color bleeding. Organizing Junkie calls it the Laundry System that Changed Her Life. Well, that's high praise indeed. You'll have to decide if you want to brave it. If anyone has used this method please leave a comment and reassure me that you didn't ruin your clothes. I would feel better. :-)

The Laundry System That Changed My Life:

In order to get the full picture though of how much time and frustration this particular system saves me, let me walk you through how I use to do laundry. Perhaps you can relate. Each of my kids has a hamper in their bedrooms and on laundry day they’d each bring their basket downstairs and I would start the chore of sorting the piles of laundry into whites and darks. Then when it was all washed I’d start the sorting process all over again as I sorted each child’s clothing back into their individual baskets. It took forever and I was constantly putting it off because I always felt like the laundry had to get done all at once so everyone would have a full basket to return to their rooms. Finding a big chunk of time like that to devote to this task was tough.

Now with the wisdom I gleaned from my friend Beth, I can honestly say my new laundry method has changed my life. Each child still has a laundry basket in their room but rather than do everyone’s laundry all at once, I do one child’s load at a time. In other words I throw their whole basket of laundry into one load WITHOUT separating the whites and colors…gasp! Can you believe it, I certainly couldn't. I thought for sure the colors would run but they didn’t. In fact the laundry came out just fine….I just add about a 1/2 cup of vinegar to each load to help set the colors and keep them from running. I’ve yet to wreck a piece of clothing doing it this way. Although note of caution wash new red items separately the first time.
I’ve eliminated the entire sorting process all together. Gone. As in I no longer spend any time trying to figure out whose socks are whose. Sorting clothes is highly overrated :)
Are you impressed yet? I was! Go Here to read the rest of the post.
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At April 29, 2010 at 9:45 AM , Blogger Caroline said...

I am highly impressed and I haven't even gone to read the article yet! How long have you known about this wonderful method and kept it a secret from your sister who is buried in laundry?! I'm glad it was your day to blog so you could release this great secret! I can't wait to try it!

At April 29, 2010 at 10:57 AM , Anonymous Jennifer Allen said...

You'll have to give me slack. I just read about it a few days ago. I should have called you up asap and shared the great laundry news! Hey, now you can try it out and let me know how it works. :-)

At April 18, 2011 at 9:02 PM , Blogger momto9 said...

I'm kind of scared to try it! What if I ruin hunny's favorite shirt? Did you try it yet?

At June 20, 2011 at 8:31 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

This is actually how I do my laundry. For the kids', I just wash their baskets of clothes when each gets full. I wash on warm and rinse in cold, dry on low. That way, it is safe for everything. It is great, because once it is folded, I know it is all going back to one room! For my husband I myself, I have a sorter that has three bags: dark (cold), Permanent press (warm) and whites (hot). Each bag has handles and comes out to carry it downstairs. When one is full, I take it and wash it. No need for sorting, and I can do one load at a time! This method has worked great for me for at least the last 4 years. Work out something similar that works for your family. It makes laundry easier, but I still don't like doing it =)


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