Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Giveaway!

I was highly intrigued after reading an online review by Jennie Chancey of the book "Start your Family, Inspiration for Having Babies" by Steve and Candice Watters . Since my husband and I didn't waste any time in having children after marriage, I was excited that there actually might be a book out there that explains why we started our family so soon. I was not disappointed! After tearing open the package, I spent the next few days reading the book every chance I got. How refreshing and invigorating this book was for me! I have read several "quiverful minded" books, but this book has a totally different feel to it. They don't preach down your throat about how the Lord requires that you must have babies and if you don't start right away how terrible you are. They simply give you the evidence of how dangerous it is to wait...and wait...and wait some more before starting your family. From the book:

"Lacking cultural and community support, couples are putting off starting their families longer. The average couple marries in their late twenties. Their initial priorities are often to get established and spend time enjoying their marriage before considering having kids. Unfortunately, what it takes to 'get established' has been complicated by increased consumer and education debt, as well as by inflated lifestyle expectations that require every bit of both spouses' income. As they put more and more into 'enjoying their marriage' many couples start to wonder if they're really ready to take on the headaches and responsibilities of children.
Still, as woman age, the various reasons to hold off on having kids often give way to an inexplicable biological urge to have a baby. By the time the average couple tries to have kids, however ,they are often surprised to find they are already moving past the peak of their fertile years. As a result, the proportion of forty something women who are childless (and unlikely to ever have children) doubled between 1976 and 2000."

Steve and Candice do not ignore the fact that having children is hard work. I have come to believe that raising children is the hardest kind of work possible, because the stakes are so high. If you fail, or don't put your best into it, the results are eternal and so devastating. While I know some people were surprised how fast Sean and I started having children, I do not regret it at all. Yes, we lost some of our "play time" before children. But when do you decide you are done "playing" and actually ready to have children?

The beauty of this book is that they do not make black and white statements. They realize that each family is different, and that their circumstances vary greatly. They simply want to come alongside you and encourage you in the path of choosing parenthood.

This book would be excellent for newlyweds to read, or to give to family members who don't understand why you have chosen to start having children (and lots of them!) so soon. Or you just might want to read it yourself as encouragement to keep pressing on in bearing and raising your children for the glory of God. I highly recommend this book!

You can buy this book at Amazon for only $11.97! Go here to purchase it.

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