Monday, March 22, 2010

Save $1500 on Groceries?

Now this lady has some great ideas on how to save $1500 a year on groceries. No, let me correct myself, you can save this much money in 7 months. Danielle did! Danielle at Transforming Home said it was easy. Here are some of her ideas:

This time last year my weekly shopping trip went like this:
1. Make a dinner menu for the week.
2. Make my list including all the ingredients needed for those recipes and all the other stuff.
3. Go to the store and buy what was on the list, typically sticking with the brands I was used to.
4. Monthly, I spent about $550 (for our family of 5).

Now my weekly shopping trip goes like this:
1. Carefully read through the sales flier every Tuesday.
2. Decide what is on a good sale and buy those items. If the sale is really good (meaning half off or buy-one-get-one (BOGO) free), then I will buy 2-3 months worth of that item.
3. Make my dinner menu according to what is on sale.
4. Go to the store without the kids (I always spend more when they are with me) and buy only what is on my list.
5. If I need something that is not on a good sale, I will find whatever is the best price of that item (not paying attention to brands) and only buy what I need.
6. Monthly, I spend about $320.

Go Here to read the rest of her post and how she did it. It was inspiring to me!



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