Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grocery Organizing Tip

From Jennifer Allen

Today I wanted to share a quick grocery organizing tip I use often. I have a magnetic shopping list pad stuck on my fridge. As I am cooking or having my baking days I will run across an ingredient I am low on or don't have at all. I stop and run over to this list and write it down. This has helped me greatly as I already have a running list of grocery needs without scouring the cabinets before I head to the store. I put other household items on there as well. If I have pulled out the last light bulb or tube of toothpaste, I stop right then to run over and write it down on the list. The key is to stop right then! If at 9:00 am I realize I need more honey by 9:20 am it may be out of mind and not come back until I need it! My husband teases me for being so insistent on writing needed items down "at that moment" but that's why it works. It's just one more way to make your shopping simpler.



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