Monday, September 19, 2011

Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers, Feminine Pads, & American Girl Dolls!

Today on Zulily they have the Charlie Banana cloth diapers on sale. I didn't think the sale was super great, but if you were needing cloth diapers the bundle pack was a good deal. I did pick up the pink bubblegum diaper tote to put in my diaper bag as I didn't have one. We are giving cloth diapers a try again right now. :)

They also have feminine cloth pads on sale, which I've always wanted to try. Those were a good price.          

And finally, if you have a little girl that loves American Girl dolls, they have the mini American Girls Dolls on sale for $14.93 shipped on Amazon right now. The price can change at any minute, but that is a great price for the mini dolls. American Girl items seem to rarely go on sale. They also have the two latest historical mini dolls on sale. (Yes, can you tell I like American Girl dolls? They've changed a lot since I was a little girl, but I still have my historical dolls and love them!). 



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