Thursday, August 5, 2010

The start of the Back to Homeschool Bash!

It's August! For many of us, whether you homeschool or public school, this is the month school starts. I had the idea to do a back to homeschool bash, as I know a lot of my readers homeschool. The sponsors I have lined up have me so excited I can hardly wait to share with you! All throughout this month we have great giveaways you can enter in! Hopefully this will help bless some of you homeschoolers that could use some extra homeschooling items.

I know most homeschooling Moms plan the school day one way or another. Some Moms plan the whole year out, some a month at a time, others just a day at a time. I have many memories of seeing my Mom pouring over her lesson plans, she would try to schedule several weeks a time and have it all written up. Now I realize that when I was outside playing, my Mom was inside at her desk working on our school. What sacrifices homeschooling Mom's make for their children!

I must admit to owning several homeschool planners, but they just sit on my shelf. Either they are so detailed it overwhelms me, or they are very basic planners that lack a lot of space, and they don't look pretty! I have always heard a lot of good things online about the Well Planned Day Planner, so I was excited when they allowed me to review the planner for this homeschool bash.

The Well Planned Day is a 200 page planner designed for homeschooling Moms who have up to four children. The planner runs from July 2010 - June 2011. There are five printed subjects on each page, Bible, Math, History, Science and English. There is another space allotted for you to write in your own subject. I wrote in Phonics for my extra space, as I have two children learning phonics type work right now. Each weekly lesson plan is spread out over two pages, and it also includes a space for weekly priorities, a dinner menu, weekly catechism, and weekend activities. Also on each page is a scripture verse you can memorize for the week, and a helpful quote. I love all the articles that are sprinkled throughout the planner to encourage you each month. I have to admit though, the thing I love the best about this planner is the pretty artwork that is on each page! My husband has an eye for graphic design, and he was quite impressed with the layout of the planner and the design of it.

Included in the planner is a monthly calender, which I plan to use for more than just homeschooling. I'm not organized enough to have two planners going at this point! Also included under each month's category are six tear out shopping lists. How many of us have thought of something we need at the store but we are in the middle of teaching math? Just write it down in your planner that should be sitting on the table to guide you through the day!

Semester goals, progress reports, attendance reports, report cards and more can be found in this planner. After browsing through this planner I was excited to discover that this planner was actually going to work for me! I sat down last week and filled out the first week with no difficulty. The only issue I have so far with the planner is I wish there were even more extra columns, as I do things like copywork, picture study, music, art, etc. I found a way to fit those things on there, but I only have 2 children listed.

Overall, I am very impressed with all the work put into creating this planner, and I would suggest it to any of my friends!

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You can buy a well planned day planner for $24.95!

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