Monday, December 12, 2011

The luster of Christmas

As we reflect on Christ's birth this month, I can't help but rejoice in the miracle of his whole life. Think about it for a moment-

If He did not come as a helpless babe to this world, there would never have been a death. 

If He had not spent His life teaching mankind, there would never have been the New Testament. 

If He had not died on the cross for our sins, there would never have been a Savior for all mankind. 

This Christmas season let us rejoice in Jesus's birth and death. He came as a lowly, humble baby to be loved by his parents, only to grow up to be mocked, scorned, and spat upon by the very people He came to save. The fullness of the beauty of Christmas is not found alone in the birth of the Son of God. It is Christ's death and victory over death that adds a luster to the remembrance of his birth that it could never enjoy otherwise.

What a Savior. 

What a Redeemer. 



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