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Frugal, Unique Gift Ideas for Adults

I love the Christmas season. I love the songs, the lights, the joy in my children's eyes. I am enjoying doing an advent calendar with my children this year, talking about the birth of Christ all month long and what a special gift He was and is to mankind.

Are there things not to like about this time of the year? Well yes - There's the gift buying that goes crazy, the over flowing shopping carts, and the maxed out credit cards to go along with them, just to name a few.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to buy gifts for people. I have figured out it is one of my love languages. I could go on and on buying my husband and children gifts. But we try hard to limit Christmas gifts to around three items each, with maybe a few extra gifts that all of our children can enjoy.

I was at Costco waiting to check out Friday night, and was saddened for the woman that was in front of me. She spent $450.00 on her purchase, which consisted of many DVD's, toys, movie theatre tickets, etc. She let out an audible groan when she saw the total, and I groaned inside for her. While we definitely spend more money in December on gifts, I don't go out and just buy something for someone out of desperation because I can't think of anything to get them. 

One aspect of Christmas is about showing family and friends around us that we care for them. Last year I really wanted to give gifts to my husband's extended family which is something we had not done before. I knew I couldn't afford to go out and buy gifts for every family, so I got creative and made a gift basket of sorts.

Don't feel like you have to buy another perfume set, bath and body lotion set, or a generic candle from Walmart for those people on your Christmas list that you can't figure out what they want or need. I'm sure we all have people like that on our gift giving list. Here are some great ideas of gifts that are unique, practical, and useful.

Gift Baskets

For extended family members this year I'm planning on putting together gift baskets that include either my favorite crescent rolls, loaf of bread, or cinnamon rolls that I make, a muffin in a jar mix, and a really nice bar of goats milk soap from Victorian Rose Soap Company (check out the great giveaway they have going on here at their website).  I always have baking ingredients on hand as I buy flour in bulk. My only real big upfront cost will be ordering the soap but it's important to me that these family members know we care about them, so I think we can handle the $5-6 dollars per family on the soap. The family members receiving these will be my husband's grandpa, and aunts and uncles. They honestly have everything they need, but I know the food will get eaten and who wouldn't use a nice bar of homemade soap?

Giving the gift of service

Do you have a special talent that would be useful to a family member? If you sew, craft, clean houses, do woodworking, electrical work, ect. you could always gift someone your time to help them out. My husband used to build cabinets for a living and still owns all of his equipment. His mom has a special project in her house that needs done and has requested that as her Christmas gift from him. Think outside of the normal gift wrapped in a package and see what talents you have been given to bless someone with.

Give the gift of knowledge or encouragement

Do you know a mom in your life that is struggling with keeping up with her house, family, homeschooling, or job? I think that could be all of us! Why not bless her with some encouragement, and enrich her with some knowledge? Here are some great ideas that don't cost that much.

31 Days to Clean is an excellent ebook that will encourage any mom to get a better handle on her homemaking routine without giving her a guilt complex! You can purchase the ebook for just $4.99, and could print it out for the person and either have it spiral bound or put it in a three ring binder. Make sure to include a copy of the original CD along with it! This could go in a nice basket with a few cleaning supplies. Practical, low cost, and encouraging! 

True Christian Motherhood would be a perfect gift for a new mother! Full of encouragement and ideas, you could again print out this ebook (along with the original CD) and include a journal for the mother to write down her thoughts along with the book. 

Do It Yourself Kit

What about the person who would like to make things, but just does not have the time or resources to gather the items together? Made On Lotion has a lovely kit put together that includes all the ingredients and recipes to make lotion and lip balms. I would love to receive a gift like this! It would be easy to think of other kits to put together, sewing kits, baking kits, crafting kits, herb kits, etc. for people. 

If you are short on time and just need to purchase something as a gift, here are some excellent resources of encouraging or practical gifts for that special person on your list. 

Vision Forum - Gifts for the whole family to enrich and bless them! 

Lilla Rose - Beautiful yet practical hair items for the women in your life. 

Bulk Herb Store - Create an herbal gift basket, or gift someone a DVD teaching them how to use herbs! 

Nurtured Family - Gifts for the mom or baby on your list. 

DaySpring - Christian Home Decor and more. 



At December 5, 2011 at 7:56 AM , Blogger Mary Ann said...

These are great ideas! Giving gifts is one of my primary love languages too; I could go way overboard! A small gift budget helps that and forces me to be creative. This year the women in the family are receiving a small jar of homemade laundry soap, some homemade apple butter and some homemade spice mixes that we use regularly. Older folks are getting homemade rice heating bags. My sister (who I sincerely hope is not reading this!) will get some freshly ground flour. She bakes a lot for her family but does not yet have a grain mill so I'm putting mine to use for her benefit. I already have the grain so it's just a matter of grinding it up and packaging. We try to give mostly consumable gifts especially for the adults so they don't have to store it after the holidays!

At December 5, 2011 at 8:18 AM , Blogger Amy said...

Thanks for reminding me about doing a gift basket. I have been trying to decide what to do for my mom and this is a great idea. I really enjoy reading your blog daily! I hope your last little bit of pregnancy goes well. You have some beautiful children.

At December 5, 2011 at 8:49 AM , Blogger Jessica said...

Gift giving is NOT my love language, but acts of service are. And I am very nervous about Christmas...we did not celebrate it growing up, but my husband's family is very "into" the hloidays.

So I thank you so much for your post because I CAN make things and DO things! Great ideas, thank you again!

At December 5, 2011 at 8:57 AM , Blogger Miss Sarah said...

Great ideas! I love to give gifts too and often do homemade goodies for some gifts.

Thanks for sharing the link to the soap giveaway. I'm heading over there now to check it (and the company) out! :)

At December 6, 2011 at 1:46 AM , Blogger Hidden Treasures said...

Great ideas! Thank you so much for linking up!!


At December 6, 2011 at 6:50 AM , Blogger Doug and Debbie Crawford said...

Some great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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