Friday, November 11, 2011

11% off Sale At The Modest Mom!

Sale Sign

The Modest Mom is joining in the fun! We didn't want to feel left out, as every other business seems to be doing a sale for 11-11-11! about 11% off your entire order for the whole day? Sounds good to me!

Simply enter the code: 11OFF when checking out and you will save the 11% off!

Also, if a skirt is showing that it is backordered it means that we don't custom sew that skirt and it is either being shipped to us, or another order has just been placed to have it shipped. Normally it doesn't take very long to get the skirts in, so feel free to place an order even if it says backordered and your skirt will be shipped just as soon as it arrives!

Have fun shopping!



At November 11, 2011 at 10:01 AM , Blogger Miss Sarah said...

How fun! I just did the same thing with my shop. :) I hope you have lots of sales today. :)


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