Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Huge Clearance Sale At Vision Forum!

Vision Forum is about to release their new catalog! To make room for the new products, they have put over three hundred products on clearance

I'm thinking of Christmas....and Birthdays! We have two October birthdays, a December Birthday, and a March birthday, so it's a great time to plan ahead! 

Here are some of my favorites for girls:

A book every mother and daughter should read together! On sale for only $8.00, which is 60% off! 

This book is written for teenage girls, and while I've only glanced through it, everything I read was good! On sale for $5.40.

When my daughter is a little older, this lace parasol will be a must for her! I always dreamed of having one as a girl. :) On sale 40% off for $19.20. The ultimate feminine look for little girls! 

Or if your daughter prefers playing outside with her brothers all day (my daughter is a mixture of dolls and tagging after brothers) here is a pink cowgirl hat! 

This wooden doll bed is perfect for tucking that special doll into bed at night! 

My favorite items for boys:

A vintage Paratrooper bag! 

A military vehicle for the lego fan! 

A military flight suit for your son who loves to play dress up. Both my boys would love this!

Have fun browsing! 

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