Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Gifts that are Time Proven

We all know the struggle of finding toys that our children will enjoy playing with day after day. I have found toys that keep my children's attention are a blessing, as I can have them playing in the living room together and be able to get some work done while they are occupied. Here are some tried and true toys that have been enjoyed for a long period of time in our home.

For Boys

Since my two oldest are boys, I have the most time proven list for them. My oldest is 7, and the next one is 5. Here are some of their favorites that they can play with for hours.

Legos-This is the toy that gets played with the most at our house! My two boys can literally spend hours in the afternoon building cars, jets,houses, lawnmowers, and all sorts of other neat creations and be very happy. As Legos are not cheap, I feel blessed to have a tub of Legos that were my brother's when he was small, so that has started off our collection. We have added to it for birthdays and Christmas. They just received the Lego Castle for their last birthday, and they really enjoy playing with it. The knights and horses were a big hit! While the cost is sometime parents might not like, I feel like Legos are not just fun, they are a great educational tool. I appreciate them especially during the long winter months when the boys are cooped up inside a lot.

Wooden Blocks-Don't underestimate this simple toy. I have been amazed over how much my boys have played with these! We don't have quite as many fancy pieces as what is in this set, but they love to build towers, forts, castles, and bridges with them. The round pieces can be turned into bombs, so watch out!

Audio Books and Stories-These are not just good at nap time! When things are getting a little crazy around here, I will settle everyone down on the couch and turn on a story for them. Whether it is a Music story of Bach, a story by Jeff Barth, History Cd's from Vision Forum, or just a library book and tape, it almost always keeps their attention the entire time.

Lincoln Logs-Another proven toy that can be used with for hours! The key to keeping my children's attention with this one is providing them with enough Lincoln Logs so more than one child can build at a time. Guess what someone is getting more of for Christmas this year? :-)

Dress Up-This isn't just for girls! My boys love to dress up as cowboys, civil war soldiers, Indians, knights, and the list goes on! Last year for their birthday their Nana (Grandma) gave them a whole collection of dress up clothes. These have been great! The only downside is it does require some of Mom's attention if they want to be changing clothes a lot.

For Girls

Since my oldest girl is 2 1/2, I don't have as much experience. Here a few toys that she has really enjoyed playing with so far.

Wahoo-I have been amazed over how much this simple toy has been used. Who would have thought a bouncing dog would keep a 2 year old happy! She loves to bounce along and sing on Wahoo! He has a little corner in the living room that is his home, and he always stays there if not in use. This toy has been a new discovery for me, and it is one that I would highly recommend for children 2 and up! They have pink for girls, and blue for boys. :-)

Dolls-Since Carrianna has been two she has started to play with her dolls. My favorite doll for her has been her Bitty Baby Doll from American Girl Company. I was really blessed-my Mom picked it up at a Garage Sale not knowing what it was really cheap. You can believe I was excited when I saw the name written on the back of the doll! She likes her doll stroller a lot also.

What are some of your Children's favorite toys?

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At December 1, 2010 at 9:24 AM , Anonymous Paula said...

My boys love to dress-up, too! Anyone know where I can get Davy Crockett outfits for them?

At December 1, 2010 at 9:29 AM , Blogger Caroline said...


Try Amazon! I found this link:

They have it in larger sizes also.


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