Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Squeak squeak, EEEK!!

Saturday I spent the day cleaning and scrubbing as a couple wanted to see our house that is up for sale. After spending all day doing that, it took them about 5 minutes to tell me they were not interested as they wanted a basement. Oh well. 

All the children went outside to play on the trampoline after that, and I was in our office on the computer. My 2 year old comes inside and says, "Mama, what is that?" I come out and look in our entry way. 

There was a dead mouse lying there.

Up above our coat closet is a big hole that leads to the attic (still a house project that needs finished up). The mouse apparently ate some poison, and fell out of the attic hole. I try to stay calm, while inside I want to scream! My boys come inside, and I calmly ask my oldest son if he will go and sweep up the mouse with the dustpan and throw it away. Being the brave boy he was, he agreed. 

As he went over to scoop it up, the mouse started rolling around as if it was having a seizure. 

We all scream and jump on chairs on the dining room table. I grab my phone, and out the back door we went. We could watch that poor mouse, laying there still rolling around, trying to die. The dilema was what to do? I thought about just leaving the house, but my keys was in the closet right where the mouse was! There was no way I was going to scoop that mouse up and take it out. 

By now it had started sprinkling. I walk over to our garage, and see our next door neighbor outside, a very nice man who is a pastor of a local church. I call him over and ask if he would mind getting the mouse out of my house. 

There are still gallant men in this earth! Shovel in hand, he went inside the house, carried the mouse out and threw it in the trash. We all carefully go back inside, and my six year old cleaned up the mess from the attic for me. 

I didn't walk under that entry way without being skittish the rest of the day! It is now top on my sweetheart to do list to have the hole covered up! 



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