Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Timberdoodle Block Builders Review

Do you have a budding architect in your family? Blocks of any sort have always been a huge hit in our house. Whether they are used to build towers, castles, roadways, or just used as bombs (!) blocks are played with frequently around here, if not daily.

As part of Timberdoodle's Blogging Review Team, I was sent a package of the Block Builders to review. Or rather for my children to review! This is a unique set of 6 blocks. Now a mere 6 blocks does not sound like it would do much, but these blocks are hinged where they can open, close, flip, and stack! The blocks come with a set of fifty challenge cards showing you ways to build architecture designs with the blocks.

My children were all excited to open up the package, from my eight year old down to my almost 2 year old! The eight year old loved the cards that came with it, and we sat and tried to build the designs together. I have to admit, we relied on the back (which shows you exactly what blocks to use) most of the time. My mind is architecturally challenged! My six year old and 3 year old loved to just use the blocks to build their own towers without the cards. When my husband came home from work he sat on the floor and became fixated on trying to put the more challenging designs together!

I keep these blocks in my school cabinet and when I need one of the children to be busy with something while I'm helping another child, they can go get these blocks out. Whether they are actually using the cards or not, I feel it's a great educational toy for them to use that gets their brain thinking!

If you have a builder in your house, someone who loves to follow directions than these blocks would be perfect!

Timberdoodle also has their Holiday catalog out, which highlights their best educational toys of the year that they carry. We all poured over it, talking about the many unique items found in it. Christmas at our house is a little different than Birthdays, and we try to focus on getting a few more educational type items instead of just toys. The catalog was so helpful to get ideas from! If you are still looking for high quality items for gift ideas, take a look at Timberdoodle's website!

Thanks to Timberdoodle, I was sent these blocks free to review as part of their review blogging team. I received no compensation for writing this post. 

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