Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Education is an atmosphere...

Grandmother and mom, 1960?

You cannot delay. You have to go read this post! The Holy Experience blog is one I always forget about, and when I discover it again it is like heaven has just come down and touched me. I feel so refreshed after visiting her site. This blog post fits in so well with our back to home school bash.

Homeschooling is so much more than just drilling in them the basic facts. It is creating an atmosphere in your school. One where your children love to learn, and they love snuggling up to you and listening to you pour yourself into them. An atmosphere where the children are begging for "just one more chapter" and you find yourself willing to keep going, who cares about eating dinner?!

Our school days are lacking this atmosphere. But I'm not terribly concerned about it. Why? Because my mother poured into me this very spirit that I am writing about. The same spirit that The Holy Experience blog wrote about. I have been touched by this atmosphere. It is present within me, and in time I am confident this atmosphere will be present in our school days. A gentle, calming atmosphere. Why I am so sure? Because I will not rest until our school days resemble those I knew growing up. I was blessed with a school experience that was positive and encouraging. Even on the roughest of days, I still received encouragement. There were so many days when I tried my mother's patience, but I still received a loving look, a patient tone of voice, and a loving squeeze on my shoulder that I could do it, try again.

A godly mother never gives up. A godly home school mother never gives in. The stakes are to high. The cost is so great. Count the cost today and give all you have for the sake of your children. The school year has just started, and a clean slate is laid before us. Consider carefully the path you will take. Not with your textbooks, but with your spirit. Your children desire above all else to have a mother who loves them, and encourages them. Your children do not need to attend college at age 12. They need you!



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